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Mr. Rajendra Bhonwal


We, the office bearer and the members of the Tika Ram Bhonwal Educational Society have taken up a task to bring about a qualitative change in the field of education. Our emphasis is on nurturing the character, personality, life values, skills as well as professional growth of our students.

All students can and shall learn in a safe, caring, and orderly environment. Our mission is to educate students through a prescribed comprehensive academic curriculum, supported by critical thinking skills, as well as communication development. We provide a better way to contribute to the academic field.

Students are provided an opportunity to promote social, emotional, cultural, mental, and physical growth. We strive to develop each student’s potential recognize his or her dignity and encourage positive self-esteem in order to promote responsibility and creativity in the developed society.

As we stand on the threshold of the new millennium, our faith i.e., the strategy of overall personality development & growth based on innovation, relevance & social responsibility has been validated and reaffirmed.

Mrs. Monika Bhonwal


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